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Hot Property

Hot Property : Rafael Alencar

  • Aktualisiert : 2011-01-17 |
  • Länge : 09:59 min |
  • Grösse : 110 MB |
  • Images : 9 |
  • Mal angesehen : 3500 |
  • Bewertung : 9.9 out of 10
Darsteller Rafael Alencar
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  • 9.9/10
Rating : 9.9 out of 10

Rafael Alencar is the ideal Latin lover — seductive, tempting and irresistible. He’s undeniably handsome and the proud owner of a smooth bubblebutt and a big uncut cock … what’s not to like? Rafael slow-dances through this solo jack-off scene in measured movements as he touches and massages every inch of his flesh; his dick looms large and dangerous, almost like a club ready to smack someone. Every movement, every gesture is made to tease and tickle. Rafael’s clenched fist slides up and down his swollen dick and he strokes it tighter and faster until he finally surrenders to the pleasure and cums.

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