Full Filled

Full Filled Dvd Cover

Full Filled

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  • | Länge : 02:16:12
  • Aktualisiert : 01-06-2001
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Kategorien Anal Sex, butt play, cum shots, fetish, Group sex/orgies, oral sex, rimming, sixty nine

Plot summary:

Falcon Exclusive Kevin Williams has been feeling a bit sexually unfulfilled lately, and perusing the personal ads just might be the ticket out of the dilemma. A couple of phone calls and Ivan Talman is at his door, ripe and ready for action. Kevin's nerdy neighbor-Lane Fuller-pops in for a cup of sugar which turns into a major suck-n-fuck feast with superhung Falcon Lifetime Exclusive Tom Chase. Kevin still aches for more and waits for the masseur-Alex Wilcox-to arrive. Even though Kevin declined Travis Wade's invitation to join in on some hot orgy action, there is enough cock and ass to go around.