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Deep Inside Part 2

Deep Inside Part 2 : Dean Monroe, Jed Athens

  • Aktualisiert : 2012-11-02 |
  • L√§nge : 33:36 min |
  • Gr√∂sse : 319 MB |
  • Images : 15 |
  • Mal angesehen : 5289 |
  • Bewertung : 8.8 out of 10
Darsteller Dean Monroe, Jed Athens
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  • 8.8/10
Rating : 8.8 out of 10

Dean Monroe only looks like heís relaxing in the den with a book. With his cock peeking out from his open bathrobe, heís really luring striking Jed Athens to come and get it. The bookís forgotten when the clean-cut Jedís own cock surges steely hard from his robe. Jedís foreskin nibbling and extreme cocksucking ravishes Dean with suction so great Deanís nearly knocked out. Devouring Jedís long bone, Deanís a deep-throat master who seems to have no need to breathe. Near delirious, the sweat covered pair whirl into a flip-flopping furoróDean laying on his back, his tent-pole cock standing straight up with Jed impaled, and then Jed splaying Deanís legs wide to shove first his tongue and then his rock-hard cock impossibly deep into the black depths of Deanís accepting ass. Lips locked, the gasping lovers milk up heaving jets of steamy cum.