Bronc Rider

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Bronc Rider

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  • Aktualisiert : 01-09-2006
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Kategorien African american, Anal Sex, Bodybuilder, Butt play, Group sex/orgies, Behaart, interacial, Masturbation, Oral sex, Outdoor sex

Plot summary:

Bronc Rider: 'Black Bert' Edwards and handsome stud Mandingo, plus Greg Kolb...breaking horses and each other. They ride...they're ridden. A total masculine sex rodeo. Manhandler: Starring Michael Delfino, a young stud, and Dirk, the manhandler...fulfilling all of Michael's fantasies. We Deliver: Don's wife is out...the delivery boy gets a big tip! Bodywork: Muscle stud Dirk puts Rod through an intensive training session...unlimited thrusts. Please Knock Before Entering: Ken, the coach; Kirk, the state swim champ; Tom, Kirk's buddy...the coach catches our two buddies and gets a two-for-one bargain with the coach calling the shots.