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Bold Moves

Bold Moves : Christopher Daniels , Adrian Long

  • Aktualisiert : 2011-08-12 |
  • L√§nge : 21:56 min |
  • Gr√∂sse : 237 MB |
  • Images : 15 |
  • Mal angesehen : 9935 |
  • Bewertung : 9.1 out of 10
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  • 9.1/10
Rating : 9.1 out of 10

After getting turned on by each other and by watching their buddies go at it, Adrian Long and Christopher Daniels canít contain their sexual attraction any longer. They started with each other while they were aroused by their voyeuristic adventure, but now they have time alone. Adrian resumes sucking Christopherís dick. Both of them are feeling energetic and sexually frisky. Christopher begins munching on Adrianís asshole, letting his tongue dig as far up through the tight crack to tickle the sensitive tissue. Rimming becomes fucking as Christopher hits it with his boy toy, fucking him from down under and from behind, putting Adrian through the ringer. Needing a break, Adrian sits collapsed on the floor as his roughíníready beau stands over him. With dick in hand, Christopher jerks himself off until he splashes Adrianís mug with his cum. Not to be outdone, Adrian strokes himself fast and furious until he finally busts his nut.