Summer Lust: D.O. Fucks Dean Monroe

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Summer Lust

Summer Lust: D.O. Fucks Dean Monroe : Dean Monroe, D.O.

  • Aktualisiert : 2012-09-14 |
  • L√§nge : 24:58 min |
  • Gr√∂sse : 237 MB |
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  • Bewertung : 9.1 out of 10
Darsteller Dean Monroe, D.O.
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  • 9.1/10
Rating : 9.1 out of 10

Looking as statuesque as always, D.O. steps out of the pool, his clinging swim suit revealing the contours of his huge cock. Itís steadily growing as he eyes Dean Monroe, whoís sleeping just inside the house, his tasty British butt issuing an invitation D.O. canít refuse. The Latin stud slides his face between those warm white orbs, and spreads Deanís cheeks to show us an asshole cavern already yawning open in expectation. Not wanting to rush things, D.O. lies down so Dean can slurp his massive uncut cock down his gullet. D.O. holds Deanís head and fucks his face fiercely. Dean swings around, continuing to suck that heavenly cock as he settles his ass on D.Oís face for finger probing, double thumb invasion, and lubricating tongue work. And then D.O. rams his great cock in there, scoring dozens of jabbing plunges. Champion bottom that he is, even Dean has to call a time out. But, D.O. soon churns his way so aggressively back in that Dean canít help shooting a hot load across his belly, and sweat-shined D.O. sprays his jizz all the way up to Deanís welcoming mouth.